Michael Ford - Princeton University
Working with Mike has changed my career. He took my old swing and worked with me, teaching me the little things I had to do differently in my swing in order to optimize my power and ability to hit. If I hadn't worked with Mike I can honestly say I don't think my swing would be where it is today. He is a great hitting coach and an even better person who always has a positive attitude and truly cares about his players. I am very lucky to have the pleasure of working with and learning from such a great person. Checkout this link: Prospect Watch: Mike Ford


Frank Schwindel - St. John's University
Recently signed with Kansas City Royals:
I have been working with Mike since I was 10 years old. He is an extremely knowledgeable instructor that truly cares about all his students. He has helped make me the hitter I am today. Mike teaches great hitting mechanics as well as the mental approach to hitting to help players reach their maximum potential. I played for Livingston High School, St. John's University, and I am currently playing in the Kansas City Royals organization.


Jeff Johnson - Former Student & Presently a Scout for the Toronto Blue Jays
I've known Mike for over 15 years, spanning back to my first days as an American Legion ballplayer. He's been a tremendous resource as I've grown up in the game, personally putting in the time in the cages and always demanding the best out of his players. I attribute much of my success on the field as an amateur player and my knowledge of hitting mechanics in the scouting realm to the tireless hours he spent working (and re-working) my swing over the years. He's a rarity these days. In an industry filled with self-proclaimed "gurus" he stands out as a man of integrity, generosity, & tireless work ethic. He’s hungry to do it right, & hones his craft just as much as you do. Mike loves this game and what it stands for and has a true talent for making people better, both on and off the field.


Aiden Favia - Monmouth University
My son Aidan Favia started going to the Mike Sutlovich school of baseball as a 4 year old – watching his two older brothers take lessons. He finally got his own time slot at the age of 7, so Mike and his staff have been critical in his development as a hitter as well as an overall baseball player. This has culminated in Aidan being a three year varsity starter at one of the top high school programs in the state (Millburn High School) and as well as being recognized as a two time All Essex County player; 1st team Group 4; and selected for the 2014 Northwest New Jersey Senior All Star team. He will now continue his baseball career playing for Monmouth University’s Division I program. What makes Mike o successful is the following:

  • He truly is tops in his craft in understanding all the components of the swing. In his lessons – he is constantly giving immediate feedback. Letting the student know on each individual swing – what went right and what went wrong in all aspects. His goal is to help the player eventually develop the ability to make the necessary adjustments on their own within a game.
  • The lesson does not end the moment the 30 minutes are up. Mike continually follows up with his students between lessons to provide feedback that may help the player in their next game.
  • Mike has high standards and sets high – but reasonable goals – for all of his students.
  • Mike’s goal is not to not only help develop your child into the best ballplayer they can be – but to also help them develop into mature and successful individuals.

They say that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. Even the best and most talented of players experience slumps – as was the case for my son – particularly as he began facing better and better competition. One thing that never wavered during the 15 years I have known Mike - is my unwavering belief in Mike’s work and the proof of that - is the continued development I have seen in my son’s performance.

Tom Favia
Current Board Member and former President of Millburn-Short Hills Youth Baseball


Scott Feit - Florham Park, NJ
I have two boys who have worked with Mike since 2008. Both boys enjoy Mike's enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the game. His consistency and attention to detail has resulted in both boys having great success over their little league and high school careers. Our younger son just finished his last year of little league with a batting average over .800.